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To help your customers, you have to embrace mediocrity. You have to be happy with a solution that is ugly. If the boat floats, regardless of how much duct tape you used, it still floats and that may be good enough. While you continue to refine your design, your competitor is beating you to the market.

You have to be comfortable with solutions that are good enough, not perfect, but good enough. The more you think about a solution and how to make it perfect the more time you waste. Customers would rather you be honest and admit you don’t…

What is project management? Why has project management become synonymous with getting sh*t done, getting the job done, or making it happen? Nowhere do you see the words “project” and “management.” Yet, when you want to get the job done, companies look for someone to lead the project and make it happen.

When you search for “project management” in Google, you find over 4 billion results of software platforms, books, certificates, videos, and definitions. …

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What does it mean to be just OK? What if being OK is good enough? What if we learned to accept ourselves and nothing more? Every decision we have made has lead to this moment. So why fight the truth that you exist here and now?

The struggle is real and we are reminded of that every day. Striving for perfection fuels that struggle. What if instead of focusing on the struggle, we embraced our doubts and regrets and learned to be grateful for where we are in life? The only requirement is that you keep moving.

Learn to Love Doubt and Regret

What if you…

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Don’t read this story. It is just a collection of random words. Assuming there is a multiverse as Marvel is pointing out with the upcoming Spider Man movie, this sequence of words is one of a million different combinations. Who is to say it is the best or worst combination. At this moment with this second cup of coffee, it just is.

Words and language are fascinating. By placing vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curvy lines together in a particular combination, we then choose to assign sounds and then feelings to those words. …

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People are really good at explaining the “Why” and “What” of a solution but it is the “How” that seals the deal. Customers want you to tell them “How” you are going to solve their problems. When you do, be as creative as possible. Customers want to hear how creativity and grit will solve their problems. They want to understand “How” you are going to make their lives better and solve their problems. Explaining the “How” helps the customers understand the feelings and intuition they will use to measure success or failure. They want to know how they are going…

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People don’t like to be told what to do. So why do project leaders make that mistake? Just because you read some books on leadership and project management, you think you know how to deliver success. The goal of a project is to successfully deliver the company’s strategy and the project you are leading is supposed to help achieve that objective. You have been put in charge of a team of highly talented and creative individuals. The last thing they need is a suffocating leader telling them how to do their job. So don’t make that mistake.

“Don’t tell people…

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It’s 6:00 pm, dinner was delicious, the kitchen is clean and my gorgeous wife is playing with our adorable three-legged beagle. Now it’s time to turn on the laptop and start writing. I forgot though, the final Avengers: Endgame trailer just came out. I’ll check it out and then start writing.

Dang, I can’t wait to see that movie when it comes out. Rhat reminds me, Season 8 of Game of Thrones is just started. It’s been like 5 years since Season 7 ended. Let me go grab a beer and check out that trailer.

Now that looks…

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What will you find at the end of the road? What if it just turns right, what then? Does the direction of the road give you purpose and meaning? What about the grass and sagebrush? Do you call them friends or distant cousins?

Why do those questions matter? Why do they intrigue you? It is just a dusty road. There isn’t a house at the end or even a bar to wet your whistle. Why do you continue walking? What do you hope to find?

Are you chasing a goal? Is your goal to just take another step? Why don’t…

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When you sit down with a prospective client and start digging into the problem, understanding why the problem sucks is important. Figuring out a solution helps the customer understand how you will remove that pain but that won’t help the customer trust you. What closes the deal is explaining how you are going to deliver the solution and then doing exactly what you said you were going to do. Simon Sinek is correct when he says we should start with Why. What closes the deal though is explaining the How and delivering on that promise. Explain to your customer how…

So what is more important to you, memorizing the Encyclopedia Britannica or spending Friday night with your friends? Would you prefer spending time figuring out if Schrodinger’s cat is dead or alive or singing karaoke at your local pub with Carol and Bob from work? I know both choices are sort of on opposite ends of the social spectrum but I hope you see the underlying question and how it relates to your professional development.

Today, workers and businesses are realizing skills are more important than degrees and certifications but I would like to pull that thread a bit further…

Kevin W. Raney

Please, call me Kevin.

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